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Singing Lessons

Whether you’re a novice or a more experienced singer doesn’t matter when it comes to vocal coaching. Jane Clarke’s singing lessons are for all students no matter what ability, including children and young people, adults and people with special educational needs.

Her friendly, warm and individual approach allows Jane to quickly build a rapport with her pupils. This allows her to develop a unique programme which will focus on specific areas needed to benefit each individual student. Jane also gives you the option of recording your lessons, in order to hear the development you make and gradually build your repertoire.
Sing From The Heart!Listen to your recordings and track your progress

Jane uses a range of modern techniques in her singing lessons which aim to make learning and development exciting and fun. No longer are singing lessons simply stood next to a piano practising scales!

Using these modern techniques, Jane will work with you to develop your sound, production and projection of notes, at a pace that suits you, and in a way that will help you to avoid damaging your voice.

A common misunderstanding in music is that some people ‘just can’t sing in tune’. Jane Clarke Music will work with you to ‘hear the note’ you aim to sing, and gradually build on your unique potential to create the sound you want.

Lessons with Jane Clarke will help you maximise your breathing and extend your vocal range whilst maintaining a quality in the sound you make and give you the confidence to sing from the heart with pride!


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