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Music Theory

Why does some music make us feel happy yet some makes us feel uneasy? How is it that music can add to the tension and drama in film and television? Music Theory can help us understand why some music make us want to sit up and sing along, whilst other music can relax and calm us.

Music isn’t simply a list of random notes joined together. Rather every note has a relationship with the next. In music theory lessons with Jane Clarke Music, you will learn why certain chords fit together easily, and why others do not.
From preparing for exams and auditions to gaining a better understanding of how music worksUnleash your inner music genius!

Jane’s music theory lessons can help in the run up to examinations and auditions, and can be equally useful in developing your singing, piano playing and songwriting.

Think music theory isn’t fun? Time to think again!

Many of us will have really unstimulating memories of music theory lessons! And this is exactly why Jane uses a range of creative ways to help people of all abilities understand how music works.

Music Theory with Jane Clarke Music is delivered in a way that suits each individual’s needs and abilities, including children and young people, adults, and people with special educational needs.

Jane Clarke uses an intuitive, fun and modern take on music theory to help you better understand the formula or recipe of sound. Jane’s passion for music theory shines through in her lessons, which allows you to develop a fuller understanding of music in a relaxed and enjoyable way.


How exactly is music made?

Develop your understanding of music in a fun and enjoyable way!

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