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For students with a range of abilities from 5 to 75 years old

Piano Lessons

Whatever standard of piano playing, from beginner to more advanced, Jane’s piano lessons help people to enhance their unique talent and push them to improve at a pace that suits each individual. Jane works with students with a wide range of abilities, including children and young people, adults and people with special educational needs.

Her friendly, warm and individual approach allows Jane to quickly build a rapport with her pupils. Some students wish to study music of their own choice, or music in preparation for exams, whereas others want more guidance altogether. Jane works with her students to develop a unique programme which will focus on specific areas needed to benefit every individual.
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In piano lessons with Jane Clarke, she will focus on developing strength in the hands, work on coordination, helping people to become fluent readers of music as well as to be able to play by ear and improvise – no matter how young or old.

Jane loves teaching people to play and to understand music. Using modern techniques, she works with each individual to create a route to an understanding of music whilst still making lessons fun and enjoyable.

As well as focusing on playing, Jane can also build music theory into her lessons, which makes for ideal preparation for exams, and gradually builds a deeper understanding of music.

Piano lessons with Jane Clarke will help you maximise your talent and improve your stamina whilst maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment, giving you the confidence to play from the heart and with pride!


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